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The Best of 2019

Posted by Sarah Durall - Director of Marketing on Jan 14, 2020 10:23:10 AM

Each quarter the Goetze Dental team looks for new dental supplies and equipment to share with you in our quarterly flyers.  We talk to manufacturers, review industry trade magazines, ask our sales teams and more to find new or newly relevant products.  We're looking for products that enhance the level of care you provide for your patients and those which make things better for patients and for you are a plus. This Best of 2019 list highlights all of the products which were chosen for the quarterly flyers in 2019. Each product is linked to our Winter 2020 promotional flyer that contains current promotions and prices.

We always welcome your feedback!  Have a new, favorite product to share?  Email us at We'd love to know what you love and why you recommend it.  


Dentapen by Septodont

Dentapen by SeptodontThe Dentapen is a self-contained, cordless, powered injector indicated for routine administration of local anesthetics.

» Ergonomic and lightweight (1.4 ounces/40 grams)

» Compatible with the needle of your choice

» Two different handles allow you to hold like a traditional syringe or pen-style

» Cordless and battery-operated without a foot pedal or console

» Three injection speeds for better management of your injections

» Two modes (continuous flow or gradual increase)


577048 - Dentapen Kit:

Contains 1 Dentapen, 5 syringe-style finger grips, 2 pen-style finger grips, 7 cartridge holders, batteries and protective sleeves


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OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal by Kavo Kerr

OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal by Kavo KerrOptiBond™ eXTRa Universal is a two-component universal light cure adhesive, providing outstanding adhesion to all composite, self-cure, dual-cure and light-cure resin cement and core build-up material eliminating the need for any auxiliary product.


» Self-Etch, Selective Etch and Total Etch techniques

» Two-component only

» GPDM Monomer ensures more effective and reliable adhesion

» Smart pH technology Benefits:

» Etching versatility

» Consistent and simplified protocol

» Superior bond strength

» Effective enamel etching and dentin tubule penetration

» Outstanding indirect compatibility


577050 - OptiBond eXTRa Universal Bottle Kit

Contains: 1 bottle self-etching primer (5mL), 1 bottle universal adhesive (5mL), accessories

577051 - OptiBond eXTRa Universal Unidose Kit

Contains: 50 unidose self-etching primers (0.18ml each), 50 unidose universal adhesives (0.185ml each), accessories


Ceramir® Bioceramic Implant Cement by Doxa

Ceramir® Bioceramic Implant Cement by DoxaCeramir® Bioceramic Implant Cement is a permanent, resin free, radiopaque bioceramic cement with excellent handling properties.

Indications for use

Permanent cementation on implant abutments of:

» Metal and porcelain fused to metal restorations

» High-strength ceramic restorations suitable for conventional cementation (e.g. zirconia, alumina and lithium disilicate)

Key Advantages:

» Designed to minimize the risk of peri-implant disease

» Superior cell and biocompatibility

» Only implant cement with apatite forming ability

» Excellent flowability-easy seating

» Easy removal of excess cement due to controlled gel phase


577573 - Ceramir® Bioceramic Implant Cement Quikcap (10/PACK)


TPH Spectra® ST Flow Flowable Composite Restorative by Dentsply Sirona

TPH Spectra® ST Flow is a flowable composite restorative material with novTPH Spectra® ST Flow Flowable Composite Restorative by Dentsply Sironael SphereTEC® filler technology that brings enhanced simplicity and versatility to traditional flowable indications.

» Highly esthetic appearance

» 2mm depth of cure suitable for all traditional flowable indications

» Medium stack-and-flow handling to accommodate common applications

» 5 shade covers cover the full VITA range (A1-A4) + 4 additional shades for added effects (BW, D1, D3 E1)

» Available in compula® tips and syringe deliveries



Filtek™ Universal Restorative by 3M

Filtek™ Universal Restorative by 3MThe new Filtek™ Universal Restorative combines two of 3M’s top technologies. Low-stress monomer technologies help protect against shrinkage stress and TRUE nanotechnology provides high strength and excellent wear resistance.

» Simplified shade selection

        • Universal opacity to blend more naturally
  • Extra White (XW) for matching bleached teeth
  • Fluorescent pigments to give restorations a lifelike appearance
  • Pink Opaquer to easily mask dark areas

»  3M’s nanotechnology for easy polish that lasts

»   Low-stress monomers for fracture resistance

» Increased radiopacity for easier identification at recall



OMNICHROMA® Universal Composite by Tokuyama

OMNICHROMA® Universal Composite by TokuyamaOMNICHROMA® is the first universal composite that offers one shade to match all patients. The red-to-yellow structural color generated by OMNICHROMA combines with the reflected color of the surrounding tooth and creates the perfect match for almost every patient.

» Unprecedented shade-matching ability and esthetics

» Exceptional handling, polishability and strength

» Reduction of inventory of necessary composite shades

» Minimized chair time and reliance on shade-matching procedures



577418  1-4gm syringe


577417  20-.25gm PLT’s

OMNICHROMA® Universal Composite



Creo™ C5 High Speed 3D Printer by Planmeca

Creo™ C5 High Speed 3D Printer by PlanmecaPlanmeca Creo™ C5 is the perfect combination of speed and precision you have been waiting for. Designed specifically for dental clinics, the durable and compact chairside 3D printer enables fabricating dental applications, such as surgical guides, in a single patient visit.

Key benefits of Planmeca Creo C5

» Print the applications you need – when you need them

  • Planmeca Creo C5 is a fast, calibration-free plug-and-play solution that allows you to fabricate the applications you need for quicker and smoother

» Save time and resources by producing several dental applications at once

  • The LCD technology of the printer allows you to print up to 10 objects at once without extended printing

» Obtain predictable, industry-quality results with a device targeted for dentistry

  • Planmeca Creo C5 has a robust, high-strength aluminium body and a highly accurate z-axis movement mechanism. The mechanical precision combined with the distortion-free LCD technology results in a highly accurate and predictable result – every time!

» Take charge of your workflow from start to finish

  • The unmatched build speed of Planmeca Creo C5 allows you to prepare and finish cases during a single visit, saving your time for the next patient – a natural addition to Planmeca’s solutions that make Same Day Dentistry

» Add value to your clinic with new production capabilities

  • Low material costs and different resins allow you to offer new chairside services to your customers


Bluephase® PowerCure by Ivoclar Vivadent

Bluephase® PowerCure by Ivoclar VivadentThe innovative Bluephase® PowerCure curing lights are designed for the intraoral polymerization of light-curing dental materials.

These Bluephase devices are the first intelligent LeD lights that actively assist the operator during the light-curing procedure. With its Polywave® LED with broadband spectrum, Bluephase G4 is suitable for the polymerization of all light-curing dental materials curing in the wavelength range of 385-515nm..

» Reliable curing performance due to Polyvision technology

» Short curing time of 3 seconds with 3S PowerCure product system

»   Suitable for every light-curing material due to Polywave LED


578685 - Bluephase® PowerCure



Phasor™ by Vista Dental

Phasor™ by Vista DentalPhasor™ composite warming system uses near infrared technology to rapidly warm highly filled composite compules. With the touch of a button, Phasor is able to heat composite material

to 150°F in seconds, and maintain that temperature throughout the procedure, while remaining cool to the touch. This technique provides the benefits of bulk fill, highly filled and flowable composite in one.

» Procedural efficiency

» Lower viscosity

» Does not damage pulp tissue or cause discomfort

» Less voids & microleakage

» Rechargeable battery

577606 - Phasor™ Complete Kit: Contains 1 Phasor gun, 3 removable nose cones, 100 plastic barrier sleeves, 1 stand, 1 power supply.



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Valiant° Multispectral Curing Light by Vista Dental

Valiant° Multispectral Curing Light by Vista Dental» Multispectral, uniform beam through 395-500 nm wavelength range

» Versatile to polymerize nearly all light-cured dental materials

» 4 LED’s operate through three curing modes PLUS transilluminator ‘white light’

» Lightweight and ergonomic style

» Intuitive, easy operation with one-button soft touch on/off switch

» Quick-change battery pack that’s easily detached and reattached


577608 - Valiant° Curing Light

Contains: 1 handpiece, 1 battery pack, 1 charging base, 100 protective sleeves, 1 universal plug set and 1 curing light shield





AeroPro™ Cordless Handpiece System by Premier

AeroPro™ Cordless Handpiece System by PremierNow there’s finally a light-weight, ergonomic cordless and pedal-less handpiece that gives you the mobility you want, the choice of prophy angles you like, and the control you need. Based on extensive input from dental professionals, AeroPro’s innovative design helps reduce hand fatigue by allowing you to rotate the angle 360’ for improved intraoral access and comfort.

» Long-lasting ChargeSMART™ battery-gets you through the day

» Total mobility with no cord drag or rheostat

» Works with Premier 2pro® and  most DPA’s

» Choose speed with quick-touch button

» CDC compliant-convenient tested & approved infection prevention protocol


578212 AeroPro Basic Kit

Contains: 1 motor component, 1 autoclavable outer sheath, 1 charging station, 1 AC adapter, 1 stand, 1 box of 500 disposable barriers, 48 2pro disposable prophy angles and accessories

578213 AeroPro Complete Package

Contains: 1 motor component, 3 autoclavable outer sheaths, 1 charging station, 1 AC adapter, 1 stand, 1 box of 500 disposable barriers, 288 2pro disposable prophy angles and accessories


elements™ e-motion Endodontic Motor with Adaptive Motion by Kavo Kerr

elements™ e-motion Endodontic Motor with Adaptive Motion by Kavo KerrThe KaVo Kerr elements e-motion endodontic motor with next generation Adaptive Motion technology enables

higher cutting efficiency and greater protection against file separation, deformation and transportation. The intuitive, full-color touch screen and customizable interface allows users to program up to give pre-sets with ten files each for streamlined efficiency.

» Four handpiece mounting options to comfortable accommodate left or right handed use

» Handpiece with a smaller head for better visibility and easier posterior access

» Maximum file sequence customizability

578045 - elements e-motion


3M™ Chairside Zirconia by 3M

3M™ Chairside Zirconia by 3MNew 3M Chairside Zirconia enables you to provide the results you want, and the esthetics you desire, for crown and bridge restorations. Available in two pr-shaded block sizes in eight shades for easy shade matching,

3M Chairside Zirconia boasts the high strength that restorations demand with a fast sintering time of approximately 20 minutes for a thin walled crown.

578198 Introductory Kit:

Contains: 1 crown block A1, 2 crown blocks A2, 1 crown block A3, 1 bridge block A2, Instructions for use



Xerostomia Relief Spray by 3M

   Xerostomia Relief Spray by 3M3M™ Xerostomia Relief Spray is a lipid-based spray designed to provide rapid, effective and convenient relief of xerostomia symptoms. The lipid based oxygenated glycerol trimester (OGT) technology helps to moisten and lubricate the mucosa and lock in moisture.

» Long lasting relief for up to 4 hours

» Convenient spray vial with no mixing or rinsing required

» Each refill contains 2-10mL spray vials


578186 - Xerostomia Spray



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LuxaCrown by DMG America

LuxaCrown by DMG AmericaLuxaCrown is a self-curing composite used for the fabrication of semi-permanent crowns and bridges that are cemented with permanent or temporary luting cement. This unique product allows for the simple, quick and cost-effective manufacture of long lasting crowns-directly chairside. The result is an incredible precision fit and an esthetic and long lasting restoration. Characterized by natural fluorescence and high shade stability, a choice of five shades is available.

» Semi-permanent up to 5 years

» Versatility in applications and uses

» Optimum mechanical properties

» Excellent fracture toughness and flexural strength

» Excellent polishability

» Simple processing

» Reliable durability


LuxaCrown Kit :

Contains: 1-50ml Cartridge and 15 Automix Tips 578437-A1






elements™ IC Obturation System by Kavo Kerr

elements™ IC Obturation System by Kavo KerrThe cordless elements™ IC Obturation System combines a Downpack heat source with a Backfill extruder. The Downpack device provides fast heating of the heat plugger

with precisely controlled temperature and timing, making it suitable for single-motion downpack obturation of the apical portion of the root canal. Utilizing single-use gutta percha cartridges, the ergonomic Backfill device has a motorized extruder system for precise temperature and speed control for a 3-dimensional obturation of the root canal system.

Both handpieces are charged using inductive charging technology.

579027 - elements IC Obturation System

579028 - Downpack Unit

579029 - Backfill Unit


IPS e.max® ZirCAD MT Multi for PlanMill by Ivoclar Vivadent


IPS e.max® ZirCAD MT Multi for PlanMill by Ivoclar VivadentIPS e.max ZirCAD MT Multi blocks have a natural shade and translucency gradation from MT to HT with the ability to recreate the dentin and enamel progression of natural dentition. Highly esthetic zirconia crowns and 3-unit bridges can be fabricated. Highly esthetic zirconia crowns and 3-unit bridges can be fabricated chairside same-day treatment. Can be conventional, self-adhesive, or adhesive cementation.

» Fast easy fabrication for chairside CAD/CAM

» Beautiful esthetics

» High strength



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