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Patients Have No Patience. But, we have a solution for that. [VIDEO!]

Posted by Rob Hays - Regional Sales Developer on May 6, 2019 12:03:52 PM
What has a 20% return on investment and is 95% automated? And also helps your patients move forward with the treatment they need?

You guessed it. RevenueWell for your Dental Practice.

At the 2019 UMKC MidWest Dental Conference, I had the pleasure of talking with Alex Nudel, co-founder of RevenueWell. RevenueWell is a practice marketing and communications solution that your team can truly get behind. It takes patient care to another level: by talking to the right patient at the right time, exclusively on topics relevant to THEM.


Want to see the FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW with Alex Nudel? WATCH IT NOW: 



RevenueWell does three things extremely well:

First, it helps you acquire new patients. In our online culture, getting in front of a potential customer is one thing; keeping their attention is another. You get found on Google, but now the patient immediately starts looking at online reviews, photos of your practice and information about your services. RevenueWell helps ensure you are showing well in those first critical seconds--first impressions matter!--and then offers the ability to book an appointment immediately.

Second, it helps you retain those patients you already have. Once you get the new patient booked, we want to ensure they walk through that door, and even come back. Patients can fill out the necessary paperwork before they arrive--at their convenience. Did you know that patients who fill out forms online have a 98% show rate!? That is huge. Now when they walk in the door, you have all the information in front of you to create a comfortable relationship with a new patient from the beginning.

With automated appointment scheduling reminders, confirmations and reactivation campaigns via text, phone, email or even two-way live messenger, you ensure your patients are coming back to you, and on time. Most importantly--RevenueWell keeps you in compliance with privacy laws such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Finally, RevenueWell educates patients on any proposed treatment or preventative maintenance plans. Often, if patients aren't in pain or don't perceive a problem to be critical, they put off scheduling the treatment you recommend. What if you had a tool to support communicating why these treatments are necessary and in their best interest? Because RevenueWell integrates seamlessly into your Practice Management System, it knows exactly what issues a specific patient is dealing with. So, any pre-packaged email campaigns are tailored to them--the doctor can even come to them via video to tell them more! No more mass emails.about irrelevant services. You can send 50 email campaigns a day and never touch the same person twice. Pre-written, customizable and fully designed---take the hard work out for your team!


Recalls. Reactiviation. Social media. A phone system. Direct marketing. Online payments. It does it all! Don't believe it--check out this amazing fact: RevenueWell works on a month-to-month agreement, and has less than a 1% attrition rate--people stick with it because it works!! Let Goetze Dental show you.


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